Together As A Family

At 28 weeks pregnant, Trish went to her doctor for what she thought would be a regular check-up, only to discover she was in premature labor. The 32-year-old mother of three was rushed from Bloomington to Indianapolis by ambulance. After two days in the OB ICU, her condition stabilized, but Trish remained at high-risk for uterine rupture, which would require surgery within minutes to save both her and her baby. It just wasn’t safe for Trish to return home.

“The doctors assured me they would keep me in the hospital until I had a place to stay,” Trish said. “But then I got the news that since I was stable, the insurance would no longer cover my stay, and they would have to discharge me that same day.”

Trish and her husband didn’t know what to do, so they called their friends to pray.

“Just two hours later, someone from the hospital social work team came in to tell me there was an opening at Fair Haven,” Trish recounted.

She cried tears of joy and relief. “I couldn’t believe God’s timing…perfect indeed.”

She lived across the street from the hospital at Fair Haven for the next eight weeks, while she was monitored closely.

“We were so thankful that each week my husband and three boys were able to come and stay with me at the apartment. I had a safe, comfortable place to wait for this sweet baby to come into our lives.”

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