Home Away From Home

Karen is in remission after battling leukemia for more than 7 years. She described having a place to stay near the hospital as “a God-given gift”. With three children still at home, Karen and her family traveled hundreds of miles for her to undergo a bone marrow transplant. They were gone for several weeks.

“People always asked us, ‘What do you need?’ What we needed was quiet and time together as a family. And that’s what it gave us: A home away from home, and a safe place to go to be a family. When you are from out-of-town and you have been at the hospital all day, and all your energy is spent, and then you come ‘home’ and everything you need is there- it is such a relief. Instead of worrying about where we were going to stay and all those other things, my family could concentrate on helping me. It was so very, very helpful…a true blessing.”