Fighting for His Life

Danny, 25, came to Indianapolis in a fight for his life. Diagnosed with testicular cancer, he had been through several rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy near his home in Florida. Desperate for a cure, Danny, along with his wife, Eli, and their 3-month-old son, traveled to Indianapolis for a consultation with Dr. Lawrence Einhorn, the same physician who treated Lance Armstrong. Dr. Einhorn recommended a stem cell transplant, a treatment regimen that would require the young family to stay in Indianapolis for almost two months.

“I want you to know Fair Haven has made all the difference in our lives,” Eli told us. “Cancer is the kind of thing that can surely make you homeless. In my eyes, there is no price on my husband’s life and I thank you for seeing it the same way.”

The apartment became their home while Danny went through the transplant that ultimately saved his life. “Fair Haven gave us the opportunity to stay together in a situation where we really needed to….On behalf of my family, from the bottom of our hearts…Thank you so much!”

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