It is ideal to cook for about 20-25 people. However, any quantity of food (less or more) will be eaten and appreciated!

Bring all the necessary ingredients and/or prepared food for a main dish. You can prepare food yourself or purchase it from a restaurant. It’s ideal to bring food in large disposable containers. Plastic containers for leftovers are also helpful. Sides, desserts, and beverages are certainly appreciated, but they are optional.

You can prepare food at home or you can use our large kitchen at Ada’s Place. If you decide to do the preparation at home, you can use our ovens or crockpots to warm food if needed.

You are welcome to use our fully-equipped kitchen including pots, pans, mixing bowls, serving dishes and utensils, baking sheets and pans, two crockpots, three range ovens, three large refrigerators, KitchenAid mixer, coffee maker, and microwave. There are dinnerware sets, glassware, utensils, and napkins available at Ada’s Place for guests to use. Chilled, filtered water is always available as a beverage.

Meals are served at a large breakfast bar off the kitchen. The bar includes outlets where crockpots can be plugged in if needed. A large dining area with tables and chairs is located next to the kitchen.

Absolutely! You are welcome to schedule a time to stop by and see the kitchen, dining area, and all of the supplies and equipment.

We would love to have you stay and visit with guests if you would like to do so. Because their primary focus is on their treatment or their loved one at the hospital, it is difficult to predict how many guests will be at Ada’s Place at any time. You are welcome to enjoy visiting with any guests who are able to attend.

Yes, you can! Our staff is happy to receive a meal and serve it to our guests.

Yes! Other options are to bring cookies, baked goods, other treats or gift bags. All of these things are appreciated and enjoyed by our guests!

You can schedule to bring a meal at any time during the week or weekend. If you are hoping to enjoy some time with our guests, the most ideal time for guests to be present is between 6-9pm on any evening.

Fair Haven at Ada’s Place is located at 1702 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. There is ample parking close to the front door. When you arrive, just ring the doorbell and our staff will welcome you in.

Leftovers are greatly appreciated by our guests! We have found that it is ideal to package leftovers in covered plastic containers for our guests to eat over the next couple of days. For guests who could not attend the meal, sometimes we are able to package a “plate” for them and place it in the small refrigerator in their room so that there is a meal ready for them when they return from the hospital!

Definitely! Families tell us that these meals mean so much to them. Most families are exhausted after being at the hospital all day long, so not having to prepare or pay for a meal certainly lifts a burden for them. Not only that, but the comfort and fellowship of a home-cooked meal with caring people around them is deeply appreciated.

For more information, contact Cathy Boyer, Community Engagement Director, at or 463-242-1412.

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