About Fair Haven

Thousands of patients travel to Indianapolis each year from across the state and from across the country for critical medical care.  These patients and their families face tremendous challenges as they battle a serious illness while far from home.

A window of hope.

Fair Haven lifts a burden for these families by providing them with a home-away-from-home.  Our mission is sharing the love of Christ through gracious hospitality and compassionate support.

Having a convenient and comfortable place to stay near the hospital means that seriously-ill patients can get the life-saving care they need, and it means that families can be together when they need each other most.

Storm-Tossed Ship

Our name comes from the Mediterranean island of “Fair Havens,” where a storm-tossed ship once found refuge (Acts 27:8).

That is truly the heart of our mission:  to bring hope to seriously-ill patients and their families by providing them with a refuge in the storm and with the comfort of knowing that they are not alone.

Who We Are

Fair Haven was founded by Amanda Milner, a cancer survivor herself.

As a team member at Indiana University Health, Amanda saw first-hand the struggle of patients who had been given a life-threatening diagnosis and had to leave their homes, their friends and families, and their jobs to travel to Indianapolis for treatment.

The board of directors, staff, and all of the many dedicated volunteers at Fair Haven have a passion to serve patients and their families and to shine the light of Christ’s love during this time of great need, truly a sacred window in people’s lives.

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